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Crowdsource reports for custom incidents from your organisation

Snap Send Solve is a fully customisable tool to receive and manage your maintenance requests, OHS reports or operational tasks.

Crowdsource maintenance reports with a personalised internal tool


Snap Send Solve is an easy to use on the spot reporting tool. Create custom incidents within your organisation’s boundary and activate your staff to be the eyes and ears of your organisation.

Integrate and streamline your workflow

Integrate Snap Send Solve reports directly into your existing workflow. Replace email requests with Snap Send Solve and avoid bottlenecks and manual data entry.

Customise reports


Customise categories and report fields, add your company’s branding and create bespoke messages and information screens for your employees.

Save time and understand trends


Assign reports to the right team and receive regular reporting analysis and insights on your personalised dashboard.

Helping businesses crowdsource reports including

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