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Top Snapped issues in the Geelong region

“We want to make it as easy as we can for people to be able to contact the council”.
Gail Gatt from the Surf Coast Shire welcomes the convenience Snap Send Solve provides to community members.

Our CEO, Danny Gorog, explains that this connivance comes from Snappers being able to “just Snap a photo and send it, streamlining the process of community reporting.”

Snaps in the Geelong region are up by 32% in 2023 with over 8,000 Snaps sent across the City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire, Golden Plains Shire and Borough of Queenscliffe. Rubbish, parking and road issues top the list.

Tennille Bradley, Executive Director of Customer, Community and Economy for the City of Greater Geelong claims that on average the city receives 410 Snaps a month.

Dive into Alexander Blain’s article and insights below, and get Snapping this year to help keep our shared spaces great to be in.