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The easy and efficient way to notify local councils, utilities or other authorities of issues that need addressing in your community

Benefits of Snap Send Solve
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Send a report anywhere in Australia and New Zealand
Send a report in 30 seconds or less
Reporting via Snap Send Solve is free!
Snap Send Solve has enabled us to make our processes more efficient, especially with the API integration.
We integrated Snap Send Solve with our Customer Request Management system back in August 2017 to automatically create the incidents (requests) within council’s corporate application without manual entry.

City of Greater Dandenong

Telstra believes the best way to report damages to their equipment and assets is via the Snap Send Solve app.
Our work provides the community the ability to advise Authorities of incidents in 30 seconds, supplying relevant information to assist in resolving matters including; contact details, photo(s) geocode and location.


Snap Send Solve is used to make The University of Melbourne a cleaner, safer and more efficient community. Anyone attending one of the many university campuses has the ability quickly and conveniently log an issue they see via their own mobile device using Snap Send Solve at any time of the day.


Melbourne University

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• Reduce the cost to serve
• Integrate reports into CRM for improved efficiency
• Customise information authority receives
• Access detailed data reports
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