Webinar: Bridging Community Engagement with Team Empowerment

Recently we hosted a webinar with Georgia Daley about how Hume City Council are bridging Snap Send Solve community engagement with team empowerment.

Some key takeaways for us were:

  • Hume’s focus on improving the satisfaction of both their customer service officers and customers by implementing small changes.
  • Hume have been saving up to 2 minutes of processing time per report from day 1. For every 100 reports, they're saving over 3 hours of time!
  • Hume City Council’s star rating rose from 3.4 to 4.1 in just three months after a few quick wins.

Some of the great questions we received:

Does the webform go straight into Hume’s CRM system?

At present Hume is not fully integrated. Once they are fully integrated, reports submitted via the webform will indeed go straight to the CRM, just as with the app.

Does Hume have another online self service offering and did they remove this when they started promoting/working with SSS more?

Yes, Hume previously had another online self service form, however that has now been removed and replaced with Snap Send Solve.

Our webform replaces multiple forms as it captures specific information needed for every incident type, whilst allowing residents to report a wide variety of issues from dumped rubbish to dog bites and general complaints. They can also track their requests and have a feel for what Hume City Council is up to.

Check out how they’ve embedded our webform here.

What would you say to councils who say they don't want to take up Snap Send Solve because they're worried about an influx of reports?

Customers will report the issue either way and we know that they want to use Snap Send Solve. Snap Send Solve allows them to report via their preferred channel and it provides a better customer experience. It also allows them to report sooner and more easily before the issue becomes a complaint, which is much more expensive to handle.

Webinar recording

Check out the full webinar recording below:

Jump to key moments:

0:00 Introduction to the team and our special guest.

4:11 Introduction to the Hume City Council and their values.

7:02 Initial stages of Hume’s journey with Snap Send Solve.

10:45 Starting to close the loop with Customers.

15:02 First council to use our embedded webform.

18:20 Q1 plans to empower more of the community.

30:55 API Integration and beyond.

34:51 Breakdown of channel offerings.

38:40 The path to empowerment and customer satisfaction.

41:15 Key learnings.

48:33 Questions.