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80% Increase In Dumped Rubbish Reports

Ipswich City Council is taking a stand against illegal dumping! Reports of dumped rubbish in Southeast Queensland have increased by 80% in the past 12 months. To combat this, Ipswich's litter police are using Snap Send Solve reports to track and prosecute those who are illegally dumping rubbish.

In a recent 7News Brisbane feature, Mayor Teresa Harding stated that "Last year, we prosecuted 306 compliance notices." Danny Gorog, our CEO, proudly states, "We have over half a million unique Snappers across Australia and New Zealand" who are committed to improving our shared spaces by keeping them safe and clean.

Become a part of the action and help clean up your community. Start using Snap Send Solve to report illegal dumping to your council. Learn more about reporting dumped rubbish.

A big thanks to our Super Snapper, Leonie Short, for being an active part of our mission and always striving to improve our shared spaces.