Snap Send Solve wins Gold in the 2020 Driven x Design Awards

Snap Send Solve is excited to share that our app has won Gold in the 2020 Driven x Design Awards. This is great recognition of the Snap Send Solve user experience, innovative design and seamless platform experience for our users and customers.

You can read our entry responses below to find out more about the creation of Australia’s leading incident reporting platform. 

Project Brief

The Snap Send Solve app’s seamless, modern and innovative design allows users to report issues in 30 seconds or less. With a demographic of users from children to the elderly, our 4.7 star AppStore rating is proof that Snap Send Solve is accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience with technology. The app’s intuitive design means that a ‘how to’ guide is not necessary, and someone who has never used the app can easily navigate it and send a report with just a few clicks. 

The idea for Snap Send Solve was sparked when CEO, Danny Gorog visited a playground with his son, only to find that the swing was broken. “I remember thinking to myself: ‘How do I get this fixed? Who do I report this to?’ I had no idea, I didn’t even know what council I was in at the time.” When he couldn't find an easy way to contact the right people, the idea for this reporting app was born.  

The uses for the Snap Send Solve platform are endless and ever evolving. With clients such as Telstra, Melbourne University and the Victorian State Emergency Services, Snap Send Solve is the largest, most trusted reporting tool in Australia.  

Project Innovation/Need

Snap Send Solve is the leading incident reporting app in Australia. Our point of difference is that we supply the market with an easy and quick method of reporting most public issues with a single interface. This removes complexity for the user and means that more issues get reported and fixed, resulting in cleaner and safer communities for all. Users can create a Snap Send Solve account that lets them access their report history across multiple devices. 

Our innovation doesn’t stop with the app interface, we have also created various features for authorities that are accessible via a backend portal. Some of these include:

Triage Feature - Determining who is responsible for an issue is complex, sometimes authorities need to pass on reports to other authorities. Our Triage Feature means authorities can do this with a simple tap.

User Feedback Ratings - Every time a report is submitted the user is presented with the opportunity to provide feedback to the authority and rate the issue resolution. This feedback provides authorities with live customer feedback and highlights areas that require improvement. 

API Integration - Snap Send Solve allows for API Integrations so that reports can flow directly into Authorities’ CRM. 

Report Status - The report status feature allows users to see when their report has been viewed, providing them with further insight into the issue resolution timeline. 

Design Challenge

Snap Send Solve’s greatest design challenge was identifying and overcoming the complexity of reporting to authorities. We had to understand who is responsible for which assets across the entirety of Australia and New Zealand. 

This design challenge was met by developing the following formula: Geolocation + Incident Type = Responsible authority 

Using this formula we were able to design the flow of the app. The first step involves giving the user the opportunity of taking or uploading a photo of the issue. The user then selects the location of the issue on the map screen. Next, we provide the user with a list of Incident Types, such as Abandoned Trolleys, Burst Water Main, Pothole and Damaged Telstra Pit. 

For example, if a user took a photo some dumped rubbish in Caringbah, our formula would be able to direct the issue to the relevant authority:  Caringbah + Dumped Rubbish = Sutherland Shire Council

This simple formula combined with the user friendly interface allows Snap Send Solve users to easily and efficiently report issues all over Australia and New Zealand, without having the knowledge of which authority is responsible for specific issues. 

User Experience

The User Experience and accessibility of the Snap Send Solve app is one of the most important aspects of the platform and something that we will never compromise on. 

Throughout the development process we always rely on standard HIG from Apple and Google to ensure the platform is a fully native and high performant app. The team also pushes regular updates to take advantage of new screen sizes and device capabilities.

The Snap Send Solve team also heavily tests each app release before it goes live, ensuring that bugs and complications within the platform are infrequent and minimal. 

Our high AppSore rating is testament to our dedication to ensuring our platform is the easiest and most efficient way to report incidents in the community. 

The growth in usage of the Snap Send Solve platform has grown exponentially over the past years, with over 1,000,000 reports sent and more than 700,000 downloads. The steady increase in usage and reports allows us to be confident in our product and ensures us that the Snap Send Solve platform makes incident reporting easier for Australians and New Zealanders. 

An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
An illustrated graphic of the app screen with a Snapper character
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