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June 28, 2024

Looking for the right people to help you with reporting potholes in your community? We’re here to help connect you with the responsible council or authority – we call them Solvers – to report potholes in Australia or New Zealand when you use the Snap Send Solve app, or create a Snap using the form below. Using Snap Send Solve, you can report potholes directly to someone at your local council or road authority in just under 30 seconds.

What causes a pothole?

A pothole usually starts as a small crack, which if not fixed, can cause erosion to the road surface, and eventually a hole. This damage is usually caused by traffic, bad weather and other sorts of wear.

How do I report potholes online?

Unsure of who to report potholes to, or who is responsible for potholes? Snap Send Solve is an app for reporting potholes that makes the process simple and straightforward.

Snap Send Solve allows you to capture details with app features such as image capture and geo location tracking, that allow you to report a pothole in the road in less than 30 seconds. This makes your Snap super easy to Solve.

Just Snap a photo, add a description and we’ll notify the right people! You can create a Snap using the “Pothole” incident type under the “Roads & Signage” category on the Snap Send Solve app.

Should I report a pothole?

Potholes can cause serious damage to vehicles, and pose significant dangers to road users, depending on the size of the pothole and how hard the pothole is hit.

Large potholes have the potential to cause severe damage to your tires, wheels, suspension, exhaust and/or vehicle body, and in some cases can even lead to drivers losing control of their vehicle.

You can help keep your local area safe when you report potholes using the Snap Send Solve app or form. If you believe a pothole may cause someone immediate danger, please contact your local road authority directly.

So, what happens next?

When you Snap a pothole in the road, your photos, notes and location information help the Solver at your local road authority or council pinpoint active issues and start working to Solve them. Depending on your council area, a Solver should attend the site and address the issue within 30 days, and address the issue based on the risk posed to the community.

We’ve found that Snappers report high response rates and prompt resolutions when using Snap Send Solve, without time spent waiting on the phone or following up emails.

Snap using the app so you can easily track the progress in the History section, as well as provide feedback, along with your satisfaction rating. Solvers each have their own customer service level standards and will provide feedback on your Snaps depending on their time and resources. If your report isn’t Solved right away, you can also send a Nudge two weeks after sending your Snap, which is a friendly follow up signal to the Solver.

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