Bardwell Park

Report Illegal Parking in Bardwell Park

Bardwell Park is known for bordering the only local bushland in Sydney, being the Wolli Creek Valley. We all need to do our bit to take care of Bardwell Park, which includes taking action to report illegal parking when you can.

Snap Send Solve empowers you to solve community issues by sending reports to Bayside Council.

Snap Send Solve is an easy tool to report illegal parking in Bardwell Park. 

How to report illegal parking in Bardwell Park
      1. Download Snap Send Solve (on the App Store or Google Play) or use our online form.
      2. Login or create a Snap Send Solve account — it’s free.
      3. Click ‘Snap’ to start your report.
      4. Report illegal parking in Bardwell Park or any other issues like dumped rubbish or Bayside Council facilities like Bayside Garden Centre, the tennis courts and squash courts at Mutch Park or Eastgardens and Rockdale Library.
      5. Click ‘Submit’ and your report will be sent instantly to Bayside Council or another authority that can solve your issue.
Did you know?

You can report illegal parking, overgrown trees, water leaks, potholes and dumped rubbish in Bardwell Park using Snap Send Solve.


Why use Snap Send Solve to report illegal parking and other issues in Bardwell Park?

…it’s fast and accurate 

Use your phone to send a report to Bayside Council or other authorities on the spot — no googling complicated webforms or waiting on hold to speak to customer service. Our simple platform means it takes most users under 20 seconds to send a Snap Send Solve report.

…it’s free and accessible 

Snap Send Solve is available everywhere in Australia including in Bardwell Park and other Bayside Council areas. We want everyone to be able to use Snap Send Solve. It’s 100% free and available on iPhone and Android.

…there’s no guesswork 

Snap Send Solve automatically directs your report to Bayside Council or another responsible authority based on the incident type you select. You can Snap and Send without spending time figuring out who’s responsible for the Solve.

…you’ll be a community champion 

Join the thousands of community champions who are improving their local areas including Bardwell Park and other parts of Bayside Council with just a few clicks. Play an active role in building Bardwell Park and Bayside Council’s liveability and creating cleaner, safer and smarter communities.

Did you know?

Over 10,000 reports have been sent to Bayside Council using Snap Send Solve.


What are the most commonly reported issues in Bardwell Park?

While you can report countless types of issues using Snap Send Solve, certain issue types are most commonly reported in the Bardwell Park area.

Illegal parking

Many Bardwell Park residents report illegal parking, which makes it the most reported issue in the area. Whether it’s problem parkers blocking driveways, taking up disabled spots or leaving their cars in dangerous positions, almost 30% of all reports sent in Bayside Council relate to illegal parking. Residents and visitors in Bardwell Park are vigilant when it comes to ensuring parking in the area is safe and accessible.   

Dumped rubbish

It seems that the Bardwell Park and Bayside Council community is focused on keeping their local area clean. 17% of all reports sent in Bayside Council relate to dumped rubbish on kerbs, nature strips and pavements. 


The third most commonly reported category is pavement issues. Whether it’s a trip hazard, dangerous gap or broken kerb, pavement issues can be dangerous and cause accessibility issues. It’s clear that the Bardwell Park and Bayside Council community takes these concerns seriously with 5% of all reports relating to pavement issues. 


Need more ideas about what you can report in Bardwell Park?

Whenever you’re out and about in Bardwell Park, keep a lookout for issues you can report to make sure your community is clean, safe and accessible. Need more ideas about how to be a community champion in Bardwell Park?

If you need to report illegal parking at Bardwell Park Station, Snap Send Solve it.

If you need to report dumped rubbish near the Bardwell Park Infants School, Snap Send Solve it.

If you need to report a trip hazard on Bardwell Road, Snap Send Solve it.   

If you need to report a pothole outside Charles Daly Reserve, Snap Send Solve it.

If you need to report a water leak on Slade Road, Snap Send Solve it.  

Want to find out more about being a community champion in Bayside Council?