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June 28, 2024

Our team is full of avid Snappers! Read on to find out about our pet peeves.

Danny - CEO

Damaged Playground Equipment 

A damaged swing sparked Danny's idea for Snap Send Solve. 

"To this day I always Snap playground equipment when I take my kids to the park."

Chris - Product 


A frequent bike rider, Chris knows the risks of unfilled potholes. 

"Having hit my fair share of potholes, I know how important smooth roads are for riders and drivers. It's great that filling them prevents flats and reduces dumped tyres too."

Nina - Content and Campaigns Manager 

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Living around the corner from a supermarket, Nina frequently sees adventurous trolleys.

"Dumped trolleys are my favourite things to Snap. They can scratch cars, damage the environment and they're an eyesore."

Ruby - Account Executive 


Living in inner city Melbourne, Ruby sees countless tags every day walking to work.

"I Snap graffiti almost every day walking to and from work."

Andrew - Customer Success 

Dumped Rubbish

When asked if there was a reason why dumped rubbish bothered Andrew especially, he replied with some expletives. We edited those out.

"Nothing makes me sadder than seeing rubbish heaped up on the footpath."

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