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What to Snap while on a nature trail

Trail runners at For Wild Places are using Snap Send Solve to help preserve our beautiful trails.

Trail runners and ploggers often come across issues and are using our free app to do their bit, on the go. Here's a real-life example from Hilary McAllister:

“Last week, a public bin was overflowing near my local trail, and the cockatoos and crows were making a mess. So I opened Snap Send Solve, took a photo of the bin, entered my details, and it geomarked the location, determined it was on council land, and sent a report to the council.  The NEXT DAY, I got an email from the local council saying they had reported the issue and were sending someone out to empty the bin.  Sure enough, the bin was empty the next day, and the trail was tidy!”

Do your bit, on the go.

Anywhere in Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand, anytime.

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Vid says...

Incredibly useful and effective app for reporting local issues. UI is better than any local council app I’ve ever tried, and knowing the information will be forwarded to the right council if you are near a boundary is also reassuring.


Steven says...

Love this app. Always quick fast & efficient, usually hear back either by email or phone call so feel heard. I’m loving the fact I can do a quick SSS while out walking and it’s done by the next time I’m out and about or at the least a cone is out and it’s sorted in a timely manner.


Andrea says...

As an independent person you have to jump through multiple hoops, multiple phone calls. multiple not-my-problem transfers, especially with council. Put in a Snap Send Solve report and they are on it straight away.


Liz says...

This app is fantastic Submitted a case about an illegally parked trailer. All I needed to do was enter the details of the issue and included a photo. Once submitted through the app it was directed to the correct authority and in less than 48 hours it was gone.


Sibpatro says...

I have been using this app from last couple of years. This is the best way to report anything to the local council from road damage, street light problem, traffic lights, fallen trees etc. Council resolves them quickly. Special thanks to the developers who values feedback and actions immediately.


Katie says...

Living in rural Victoria, wandering cattle on the road is a big safety issue. With this app, all it takes is a quick photo and the rest is history. The council sends a confirmation message within minutes and the issue is addressed. Such a fantastic app.