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What to Snap while on a nature trail

June 28, 2024

Trail runners at For Wild Places are using Snap Send Solve to help preserve our beautiful trails.

Trail runners and ploggers often come across issues and are using our free app to do their bit, on the go. Here's a real-life example from Hilary McAllister:

“Last week, a public bin was overflowing near my local trail, and the cockatoos and crows were making a mess. So I opened Snap Send Solve, took a photo of the bin, entered my details, and it geomarked the location, determined it was on council land, and sent a report to the council.  The NEXT DAY, I got an email from the local council saying they had reported the issue and were sending someone out to empty the bin.  Sure enough, the bin was empty the next day, and the trail was tidy!”

What can I Snap while hiking, trail running or plogging?

Trail Maintenance Issues:

  • Overgrown vegetation obstructing the trail.
  • Fallen trees or large branches blocking the path.
  • Erosion or trail damage that requires repair.

Safety Hazards:

  • Broken or unstable bridges and boardwalks.
  • Loose or missing trail markers.
  • Areas prone to slips, trips, or falls.

Wildlife Concerns:

  • Unusual animal behaviour or signs of distressed wildlife.
  • Damaged bird nesting areas or habitats.

Infrastructure Problems:

  • Damaged or non-functional trail amenities (benches, trash cans, etc.).
  • Issues with trailhead facilities, such as parking or information boards.

Should I Snap issues I spot while on a hiking trail or plogging?

Snapping issues you encounter while on a hiking trail serves several important purposes, contributing to the well-being of both the natural environment and fellow outdoor enthusiasts and activists. Here’s why you should report issues on hiking trails:

Safety First:

Identifying and Snapping safety hazards, such as fallen trees, unstable bridges, or trail damage, helps ensure the safety of everyone using the trail. Timely reporting allows Solvers to address these issues promptly, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Trail Preservation:

Snapping trail maintenance issues, such as overgrown vegetation or erosion, helps preserve the integrity of the trail. This proactive approach ensures that the trail remains accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for future hikers and runners.

Environmental Protection:

Noticing signs of environmental damage, pollution, or distressed wildlife allows authorities to address these concerns and implement conservation measures. Your Snaps contribute to the protection of the natural surroundings and maintain the ecological balance of the area.

Community Contribution:

Snapping issues on hiking trails is a valuable contribution to the outdoor community. By actively participating in the upkeep of trails, you play a role in creating a positive and safe environment for fellow hikers, trail runners, nature enthusiasts and sports activists.

Infrastructure Maintenance:

Snapping problems with trail amenities, such as damaged benches, signage, or facilities at trailheads, helps ensure that the infrastructure supporting the trail is well-maintained. This enhances the overall experience for trail users.

Wildlife Conservation:

Noticing signs of distressed wildlife or damage to habitats allows Solvers to take appropriate measures for wildlife conservation. Snapping such observations helps protect the natural habitat and biodiversity of the area.

Educational Opportunities:

Your Snap can serve as an educational tool for park or trail management. They highlight areas that may need additional signage, user education, or improved facilities, leading to enhanced overall trail management.

By Snapping issues on hiking trails, you actively contribute to the preservation of natural areas, the safety of trail users, and the overall positive experience of enjoying the outdoors. It's a small yet impactful way to be a responsible and considerate member of our outdoor communities.

How do I report issues I see while trail running using Snap Send Solve?

Snap Send Solve makes collecting details, such as images and location, needed to report while trail running streamlined. This makes your Snap super easy to Solve. Just Snap a photo, add a description and we’ll notify the right people! This helps responsible Solvers address the reported concerns promptly and ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone using the trails for trail running, sports activism, or hiking.

Let's unite in our commitment to keeping our shared spaces safe, clean and great to be in.

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