Report Abandoned Cars to Council using Snap Send Solve

Snap Send Solve received over 10,000 reports of abandoned cars in 2019. If you need to report an abandoned car in your community, the Snap Send Solve app allows you to make a report in 30 seconds or less. 


Free from the App Store and Google Play, Snap Send Solve eliminates the complexity of knowing where and how to report incidents on the spot by enabling users to capture and send photos of issues that need attention.


Although authorities cannot issue infringements to illegal parkers unless they are present at the time of the offence, there is still great value in reporting illegal parking via the Snap Send Solve app. These reports provide incredibly useful insights regarding ‘hotspots’ for illegal parking. This allows authorities and local councils to monitor the areas more frequently and to put measures in place to reduce the impact of illegal parking.

Example of illegal parking as reported by a Snap Send Solve user

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