Dumped Tyres: Finding Solutions for a Cleaner Future

There’s an issue in Australia at the moment, and solving it is not a straightforward task. Incidences of dumped tyres are sharply on the rise across the country, giving local councils and communities alike a real headache.

Since we added it as an incident type on our Snap Send Solve app, we've received over 17,000 reports of dumped tyres. Yeah, it's a big number. 

And what's even more concerning? The reports are going up each year, with an average of 62% increase in dumped tyre reports year on year since August 2019.

Now, we're all about staying positive, but dumped tyres can cause some serious trouble. Not only do they look unsightly, but they're also harming our environment. 

As tyres break down, they [may] release harmful chemicals and microplastics into the soil, which is detrimental to our groundwater and ecosystems. 

And to top it off, tyres can catch fire, leading to air pollution and other problems. 

Considering the environmental implications, we can’t ignore dumped tyres when we see them.

Large-scale dumping

In October 2020, we updated our Dumped Tyres incident type to indicate where 10 or more tyres had been dumped. Guess what? More than 80% of reports were about big tyre dumps like this. 

Some folks are even dumping over 100 tyres at once. This tells us it's not just individuals — businesses are getting involved too.

Who manages dumped tyres in Australia?

Local councils are the ones dealing with the major task of handling dumped tires. Detecting, reporting, removing, and disposing of dumped tyres requires a lot of resources. 

This cleanup process involves everything from transporting the tyres to recycling facilities to setting up measures to prevent future dumping. 

The costs associated with these processes take away funds that could be used for other important community projects.


Certain kinds of locations can end up becoming dumping hotspots, due to being secluded, not near residential areas, or in a remote place.

Unfortunately, this means places like parks, reserves, and even waterways end up being targeted.

Commercial areas

Dumpers seem to prefer spots that are quiet and out of sight. Commercial areas? They're big targets - like this one in Kingston, south of Logan Central Queensland.

A seldom-used road with no lighting and a bit of dense scrub means dumpers return here time and time again.

Quiet country roads

Those back roads and open spaces? They see plenty of action.

This out-of-town hotspot near Black River, Queensland, saw 10 incidents in less than 12 months.


And it doesn't stop there — even suburban areas aren't safe from this dumping trend. Like this area south of Adelaide’s CBD that has seen a lot of activity in the streets.

Part of a bigger picture

While Snap Send Solve makes reporting a breeze, we're well aware that there's more than one way for councils and authorities to gather intel on dumped tyres.

Our app captures a piece of the dumped tyre puzzle. That people in the community can report dumped tyres anywhere across the country, instead of one limited area, means the data collected can be seen as an aggregate for the nation.

This knowledge is the compass guiding us toward smarter policies to tackle illegal dumping head-on. Picture this: cleaner neighbourhoods, greener landscapes, and healthier communities – all from the power of data-driven insight.

Community action

Making it easy for people in the community to report dumped tyres is one part, but this is the reactive part.

Community awareness needs to be the driving force that fuels our journey to cleaner spaces. How do you properly dispose of tyres?

Councils may invest in things like signage and even videosurveillance in known hotspots, or even greater actions. 

Our app empowers everyday heroes to put local councils on alert where there’s illegal tyre dumping. 

We're not just about reporting – Snap Send Solve actively teams up with councils, community groups, and environmental agencies to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices. Let's work together toward a brighter, cleaner future!