Local Councils

Activate your community and receive customised reports integrated with your CRM

With over 3 million reports sent across Australia and New Zealand, Snap Send Solve activates community through problem-solving and insights.

Customise reports


Customise incident types, add your authority’s branding and create bespoke messages and information screens for your residents.

Save time and enhance insights


Reassign reports meant for other authorities, access the dashboard on the Snap Send Solve portal and receive regular reporting analysis and insights.

Integrate and streamline your workflow


Integrate Snap Send Solve reports directly into your CRM including Pathway, TechnologyOne and Civica. Whether it’s email, one way or two way integration, save time and avoid any more manual data entry.

A personalised internal tool for your organisation


Activate your organisation and use Snap Send Solve as an internal reporting tool. Create a secure and easy to use private reporting stream for councillors, contractors and staff.

Our Customers


“Snap Send Solve helps Glen Eira to seamlessly manage resident requests and maintain its high standard of customer service. Our residents love its ease of use and it means we have greater visibility of where issues are occurring in real time, so we can resolve them faster.”

Glen Eira City Council


“Our Enterprise Subscription has delivered us some great features, from being able to integrate our systems for seamless end-to-end processing of service requests, to being able to get real-time feedback from our customers about how we are tracking meeting their needs and expectations.”

Christchurch City Council


“Waverley Council residents have been using Snap Send Solve to report incidents to Council for many years. Residents use the app when they are out and about to quickly and easily report issues in their neighbourhood so that they can be promptly investigated by Council.”

Waverley Council

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