Enterprise Subscription Features

API Integration 

Save your Customer Service team time and energy by integrating with the Snap Send Solve API.

By integrating the API your Customer Service team won’t need to manually input each service request into your CRM and can process requests more efficiently. If you’re interested in reading up on the API you can find more information here:


Snap Send Solve User Feedback 

Gain access to detailed customer satisfaction data.
Supporting Authorities have access to the customer satisfaction rating provided by Snap Send Solve. This feedback will provide your Authority with further insight into customer sentiment and is a great tool in cross referencing customer feedback against your other channels as well as other similar authorities.

Snap Send Solve Reporting

Snap Send Solve provides a number of monthly reports to relevant key stakeholders that include a dashboard view of your reports. The Enterprise license allows you to customise who within your organisation receives and has access to these reports.

Triage Functionality

Allow your team to easily reassign reports that are not relevant to your Authority, using the dropdown menu in the report email or Admin Portal the report will be redirected to another authority and an automated email sent to the reporter advising that another authority is now responsible.

Mandatory Additional Fields

Occasionally it may be beneficial to have more information about an issue provided. The Enterprise license allows Supporting Authorities to configure up to three Mandatory Fields against each Incident Type. 

Custom Incident Types

Increase reporting options by adding Custom Incident Types to your Incident list. For example, you could create a Custom Incident Type for damaged statues if this was an issue that was frequently reported to your Authority. These custom Incident types will assist you in ensuring that Incidents are described correctly.

Mandatory Telephone Number

Make it easier for your Authority to contact Snap Send Solve users by setting a Mandatory Field to include their phone number in all incident reports. This feature makes it easier for your Authority to get in contact with users to ensure the incident is dealt with as soon as possible.

After Hours Call Only 

An Enterprise license allows your organisation to control the data handling and data sharing policies with Snap Send Solve.

Call Recommended Feature

Would your Authority prefer a phone call over a digital report for certain Incident Types? Setting up the ‘Call Recommended’ feature will let users know that you would prefer if they call for that Incident Type, as well as what they can expect should they wish to continue to send the report digitally.

Admin Portal Login 

Provide your team with entry to the backend of the Snap Send Solve platform where they can access a variety of self-serve customisations, features and data exporting tools.

Data Handling and Data Sharing Policies

An Enterprise license allows your organisation to control the data handling and data sharing policies with Snap Send Solve.

Report Status Feature 

Snap Send Solve users receive a ‘Report Status’ after submitting a report. This ‘Report Status’ informs users of which Authority their report has been sent to, as well as if their report has been viewed.  Supporting Authorities have the option of managing this messaging.

Blue Tick

Gain a visual ‘Blue Tick’ next to the name of your Authority to help users identify that you are subscribed to the Snap Send Solve platform.

Optional Additional Fields

Receive more detailed reports by creating Additional Fields that are specific to an Incident Type in order to help your Authority receive a better understanding of the issue. These fields are easy to create and modify, and significantly increase the efficiency of how Incident report information is received and dealt with.

Urgent Contact Feature

The Urgent Contact Feature presents users with a number to call in case the issue requires urgent attention.