Report Rubbish in Tasmania

Report Rubbish in Tasmania

What is dumped rubbish?

Dumped rubbish refers to waste material that has been illegally discarded in public spaces or on private property. It can include household items, construction waste, and even hazardous chemicals.

Why is dumped rubbish an issue in Tasmania?

Dumped rubbish is obviously an eyesore, but many people don’t realise that illegally dumped rubbish can negatively impact the environment and pose a health risk to people and wildlife. In Tasmania, dumped rubbish can also detract from the state’s natural beauty, damaging the tourism industry and reducing the enjoyment of public spaces.

In Tasmania, dumped rubbish is commonly found in natural parks and nature reserves, where it can cause long-term environmental damage.

What are the penalties for illegally dumping rubbish in Tasmania?

The maximum fine for illegal dumping waste in Tasmania is $36,200 for individuals and $90,500 for corporations. Repeat offenders may also face imprisonment.

What do I do if someone has dumped rubbish on my property in Tasmania?

If someone has illegally dumped rubbish on your property in Tasmania, you should contact your local council for advice on the best course of action. They may be able to remove the waste for you, or refer you to the EPA which takes over responsibility depending on the scale of the dumped rubbish.

How do I report dumped rubbish in Tasmania?

There are a few ways to report dumped rubbish in Tasmania, you can call your local council, report it on the EPA website, or by using the Snap Send Solve app, which allows you to take a photo of the waste and send it directly to the local council for investigation.

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