New South Wales

Report Dumped Rubbish in New South Wales

What is dumped rubbish?

Dumped rubbish refers to waste illegally discarded or dumped in public places, such as parks, roadsides, and beaches. This type of waste includes household items, construction debris, and other hazardous materials.

Not just an eyesore, dumped rubbish also poses a health hazard to both people and the environment. Sydney’s densely populated areas are vulnerable to dumped rubbish, with rapid growth and development contributing to the issue.

Dumped rubbish hotspots in Sydney include parks, beaches, and roadways, particularly in busy and densely populated areas. 

Why is dumped rubbish an issue in New South Wales?

Dumped rubbish is a significant environmental and public health issue in New South Wales. Illegal waste disposal contributes to pollution, impacts wildlife and their habitats, and can create unsightly and dangerous public spaces. In addition, dumped rubbish attracts pests such as rodents and flies, and can spread diseases.

According to the NSW Environmental Protection Agency, hotspots for dumped rubbish in the state include rural areas, national parks, and remote beaches. Even iconic landmarks such as the Blue Mountains National Park face issues with illegal dumping.

What are the penalties for illegally dumping rubbish in New South Wales?

Along with on-the-spot fines for individuals of $4000 to $7500, the penalties for illegal dumping in NSW are severe. Fines can reach up to $250,000 for individuals and up to $1 million for corporations. Repeat offenders can face additional penalties, including imprisonment.

What do I do if someone has dumped rubbish on my property in New South Wales?

If you discover dumped rubbish on your property or in public it is important to contact the local council immediately. The council will provide resources for removing and disposing of the waste and may investigate who dumped the waste.

How do I report dumped rubbish in New South Wales?

If you need to report illegal dumping on your property or in public, you can contact the local council, report it to the NSW Environmental Protection Agency, or use the Snap Send Solve app. Snap Send Solve is a convenient tool that allows you to easily report dumped rubbish by taking a photo and automatically sending it to the appropriate authorities. 

The NSW Environmental Protection Agency and local councils investigate and prosecute illegal waste disposal in NSW. If a case of illegal dumping is reported, the agency or council may investigate the issue and, if necessary, prosecute the offender. 

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