Report Abandoned Cars to Council using Snap Send Solve

Looking for the right people to help you with an abandoned car in your community? 


We’re here to help connect you with the responsible council or authority – we call them Solvers – to report an abandoned car in Australia or New Zealand when you use the form right here or in the Snap Send Solve app.

Example of illegal parking as reported by a Snap Send Solve user

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Report Illegally Parked or Unregistered Vehicles

When is a car considered abandoned?

Solvers across Australia and New Zealand have different rules for classifying a vehicle as abandoned. Many consider a vehicle to be abandoned if it is:

  • Unregistered,
  • Registered but has not been moved in more than 2 months,
  • Deemed to be not roadworthy.

Snap Send Solve connects you with the responsible Solver based on your location, so they can take the right course of action, without you having to do the guesswork. 

Can I report an abandoned car on private property?

Cars in public areas can be Snapped via our app or by using the form above. Cars abandoned on private property, such as shopping centre carparks, should be reported directly to the property owner. 

As Snap Send Solve grows we’ll keep adding more businesses to our platform, like shopping centres, so you can Snap issues, no matter who is responsible. 


How do you report an abandoned vehicle with Snap Send Solve? 

Snap Send Solve makes collecting details such as the number plate, make, model and colour of the abandoned vehicle simple and streamlined. 

This makes your Snap super easy to Solve. Just Snap a photo, add a description and we’ll notify the right people!

You can create a Snap using the app using the “Abandoned Cars” incident type under the “Parking & Cars” category, or just use the form above.

Snap Send Solve makes the reporting process easy if you don’t know who to report abandoned cars to or what to do with abandoned cars or vehicles. 


Should I report an abandoned car?

When you report an abandoned car using the Snap Send Solve app or form, you can have an impact on a range of issues, which can be Solved quickly and efficiently when you create a Snap. 

Other issues caused by abandoned cars include:

  • Traffic issues,
  • Obstructing roads, as well as cyclists and pedestrians,
  • Taking up valuable parking spaces in your local area,
  • Environmental hazards, such as causing waste and pollution,
  • Attracting pests and vermin that can spread disease,
  • Attracting vandalism and arson.

Collection of abandoned cars can also be expensive and time consuming for authorities and councils involved. 

Be a part of making your community cleaner, safer and better. 


Who is responsible for removing abandoned cars?

In most circumstances, it is a Solver from your local council who is responsible for abandoned vehicles and who tows abandoned cars. 


So, what happens next?

When you Snap an abandoned car, your photos, notes and location information help the Solver pinpoint active issues and start working to Solve them.

What happens if you leave a car abandoned? When you Snap an abandoned car, a Solver from your local council will put a notice on vehicles that are identified to be unregistered or are deemed to be abandoned. 

This notice tells the owner they must register the vehicle or move it by a certain date. If the owner doesn’t contact the Solver or move the vehicle, in most cases it will be towed and impounded. 

If you believe your vehicle has been impounded, please contact a Solver from your local council to discuss how you can reclaim the vehicle.

We’ve found that Snappers report high response rates and prompt resolutions when using Snap Send Solve, without time spent waiting on the phone or following up emails. 

Snap using the app so you can easily track the progress in the History section, as well as provide feedback, along with your satisfaction rating.

Solvers each have their own customer service level standards and will provide feedback on your Snaps depending on their time and resources.

If your report isn’t Solved right away, you can also send a Nudge two weeks after sending your Snap, which is a friendly follow up signal to the Solver.


Where do I report abandoned cars?

If you’re looking for where to report an abandoned car, Snap Send Solve has made reporting abandoned cars straightforward. 

You can use the form above or download the Snap Send Solve app, which is free from the App Store and Google Play. It’s never been easier to report an abandoned car online!


Can I report an abandoned car anonymously?

Currently, we do not provide the option to create reports anonymously. Solvers (including local councils) need some personal details, such as your name and email address, when you report an abandoned car.

Each council and authority maintains their own privacy agreement, which is in place when you report an abandoned car via Snap Send Solve. 


Where do abandoned cars go?

While it varies between different council areas, most vehicle owners are given 48 hours to retrieve their car before it is towed and impounded. 


Report an abandoned car – NSW

To report an abandoned car in Sydney and the rest of NSW, you’ll need to include:

  • the exact location,
  • the make, model and colour,
  • the number plate (if available).

Collecting these details has never been easier, Snap Send Solve allows you to take photos on the go and report in just seconds. 

The exact geo location of your Snap also helps the Solver pinpoint the exact location of the abandoned vehicle. Use our app or form above to connect with the right Solver for your local area.


Report an abandoned car – QLD

In QLD, if a vehicle is registered and is not parked illegally or dangerously, it won’t be considered abandoned.

If you report an abandoned unregistered vehicle in QLD using Snap Send Solve, the Solver will try to find the owner before removing it.

If you’re unsure about how to report an abandoned car in Brisbane, or how to report an abandoned car on the Gold Coast, use our app or form above to connect with the right Solver for your local area.


Report an abandoned car – VIC

You can only report an abandoned car in Victoria if:

  • registration is listed as expired or canceled,
  • the vehicle has no number plates,
  • the vehicle is registered but has not moved for at least 2 months,
  • the vehicle is damaged and appears unable to move under its own power.

To report an abandoned car in Melbourne or the rest of VIC, use our app or the form above to connect with the right Solver for your local area. 

Report an abandoned car – WA

In Western Australia, a car or vehicle is considered abandoned when:

  • the vehicle is parked for any period exceeding 24 hours,
  • the vehicle is parked during any period where parking is prohibited or restricted by a sign,
  • the vehicle is unregistered or disused.

To report an abandoned car in Perth or the rest of WA, use the app or the form above to connect with the right Solver for your local area. 


Report an abandoned car – SA

To report abandoned car in Adelaide or the rest of SA, you’ll need the following information to prompt an investigation:

  • registration number (if available),
  • model, make and colour,
  • approximate length of time the vehicle has been parked.

Collecting these details has never been easier, Snap Send Solve allows you to take photos on the go and report in just seconds. Use our app or form above to connect with the right Solver for your local area.


Report an abandoned car – ACT

To report abandoned car in Canberra you’ll need the following information:

  • Model, make and colour of the vehicle,
  • Vehicle location,
  • Approximate length of time the vehicle has been parked,
  • If the vehicle has been vandalised,
  • If the vehicle is causing traffic or cyclists to swerve.

Collecting these details has never been easier, Snap Send Solve allows you to take photos on the go and report in just seconds. 

The exact geo location of your Snap also helps the Solver pinpoint the abandoned vehicle. Use our app or form above to connect with the right Solver for your local area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Snap Send Solve work?

Snap Send Solve is a platform that enables authorities and their customers to identify and solve local issues for the benefit of communities everywhere. Simply snap a photo of the problem, send a report in 30-seconds using the app and the issue is sent directly to the appropriate authority to be solved.

Where is the app available?

Snap Send Solve is available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Is there a fee for me to use it?

Snap Send Solve is free to download from the App Store and Google Play*, and is as simple to use as its name. 

If you are an authority who would like to utilise the platform, you can find more information about our Enterprise offering here.

*Mobile data fees and charges may be incurred by telcos/carriers.

What devices will Snap Send Solve work on?

Snap Send Solve works on both iOS and Android devices and is available to download for free on both the App Store and Google Play. 

Note that some older versions of iOS and Android are not supported.

You can also submit reports via the Snap Send Solve reporting website, report from your desktop here.

What problems can be reported?

Snap Send Solve enables users to report an array of incidents including, but not limited to:

  • Abandoned cars or vehicles
  • Abandoned trolleys
  • Animal related issues
  • Communication equipment pits and lids
  • Dumped rubbish and litter
  • Graffiti 
  • Noise 
  • Parking
  • Pavements and roads 
  • Playground equipment
  • Street lights 
  • Street cleaning
  • Trees
  • Water and sewer issues

If you need to report a different issue either submit it under the General Request incident type or get in touch with us if you think we should add it to the Snap Send Solve platform.

How do I know what council or authority to report to?

Snap Send Solve eliminates the complexity of knowing where and how to report incidents on the spot by enabling users to capture and send photos of issues that need attention, wherever they are. Your geolocation will automatically be tagged, so your report is sent to the correct council or authority, all you have to do is confirm that the location of your report is correct.

How do I change the email address linked to my account?

If you wish to change the email address linked to your Snap Send Solve account you will need to log out and sign up with a new email address. Your existing report history will not be transferred to your new account however there will be records of each report sent in your email inbox.

How do I know when the issue has been fixed?

By categorising incident types and assigning them to the appropriate authority based on the user’s location, Snap Send Solve makes reporting issues quick and simple. 

Each authority has a different customer service level agreement, and feedback from our users tells us the vast majority of requests submitted via Snap Send Sold are resolved within a faster time-frame. 

Many authorities will provide feedback on your reports, from receipt through to resolution. However, you may not hear from all authorities.

You can also find report updates, such as whether your report has been viewed by the relevant authority in the History section of the app.

Can I provide feedback to an authority after submitting a report?

Yes, you can provide feedback on whether an issue has been resolved as well as your satisfaction rating within the History section of the app. This feature will become available two to four weeks after submitting a report. 

Which authorities can I report to via Snap Send Solve?

Snap Send Solve allows app users to report to every council in Australia and New Zealand as well as a number of other authorities, including water and electricity providers, supermarket chains and state government departments.

What is the Snap Send Solve business model?

All Local Councils and Authorities receive basic report information for free.

Snap Send Solve offers two different subscription options for Local Councils and Authorities.


  • Supporting Authorities

Snap Send Solve offers a paid version of our platform to Local Councils and Authorities. We refer to this as an Enterprise subscription. We publish our pricing here.

Supporting Authorities can integrate reports into their work management system so they can respond quickly to reports. This saves time and money for the Authority and creates a seamless experience for their customer.

Supporting authorities care deeply about their customers' user experience and strive to make it as easy-as-possible for customers to report issues to them. Based on our data, Supporting Authorities have a higher customer satisfaction rating.


  • Basic Authorities

Snap Send Solve provides a free service to Local Councils and other Authorities, who receive unlimited reports for free. Reports currently include images and geolocation to accurately pinpoint where the issue is and contain more detail than a phone call or a manually created email.

Offering a platform that works universally means that you can be confident reports will be delivered to the responsible Authority, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Why do some authorities have a Blue Tick next to their name in the app?

The Blue Tick is used to identify Supporting Authorities within the Snap Send Solve platform. If an authority does not have a blue tick next to their name they will still receive your report. 

Supporting authorities help Snap Send Solve to continue providing an efficient reporting platform to communities across Australia and New Zealand.

What about my personal information and privacy - is Snap Send Solve secure?

Snap Send Solve takes your privacy very seriously. When you download and use the App, website or other online services, information is collected that enables you to provide feedback on community assets and infrastructure requiring repair or attention. When reporting, you are asked to provide personal information to help authorities get back in touch with you, where required.

Snap Send Solve endeavours to take all reasonable steps to keep your information secure, through the use of appropriate processes and technology. You can find out more information about our privacy policy here.

I have a suggested feature for the app. Who can I send my ideas to?

We love to hear suggestions for improvement from our users and authorities and make regular updates to our service.

To provide us feedback send an email to contact@snapsendsolve.com.

Why did Snap Send Solve change the order of our reporting process?

Snap Send Solve has changed the order of our reporting process for a variety of reasons. 


Firstly, we have dramatically reduced the taps required on a ‘standard’ report from 13 to 8, making reporting issues in your community quicker than ever before. For Supporting authorities who set up ‘Call Only’ incident types, getting to a relevant contact number is now faster than ever.


Secondly, location accuracy is greatly improved due to the confirmation of location at the beginning of the reporting process. We also now provide the geo-code of the location as the primary location identifier as this is more accurate and helpful to authorities than a street address.


Thirdly, the new reporting flow will allow us to introduce a range of future functionality for Supporting authorities, such as the ability to add audio and video files to reports. 


The new reporting order is:
1. Confirm your location
2. Select the Incident Type
3. Take a photo of the issue
4. Fill out notes and any additional fields
5. Send report