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Our Business Model

We often receive questions from our Snappers about how we make money and continue to provide free and easy reporting to all Aussies and New Zealanders. 

Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions:

Who receives Snap Send Solve reports?

The organisations that receive Snap Send Solve reports include but are not limited to local Councils, water authorities, power companies, government organisations and universities.

All Councils in Australia and New Zealand receive Snap Send Solve reports for free, including all photos, incident descriptions and contact details provided by the Snapper.

Offering a platform that works universally means that Snap Send Solve can be used anywhere across Australia and New Zealand. 

Example of report sent by Snapper
Example of report received by Solver

Cost to Councils

Some local Councils choose to pay for a Snap Send Solve Enterprise licence. This means they have the option to integrate Snap Send Solve reports into their systems. They can also access a variety of features and customisations to make the solving process even more efficient. 

Do other organisations pay for Snap Send Solve?

Some other organisations pay to receive Snap Send Solve reports. This includes telcos, water authorities, trolley retailers, power companies etc. Some of these organisations receive reports for free depending on their level of subscription.

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How do we make money?

The Snap Send Solve team works hard to provide free and easy reporting to all Australians and New Zealanders. This means that we charge organisations if they wish to receive additional functionality, customisations or integration to the Snap Send Solve platform.

This additional functionality means that organisations can request additional information about an incident, so that the issues you Snap get solved faster.  Some examples of Enterprise customers solving better are:

  • Removing manual data entry through integration and speeding up the resolution of issues
  • SMS alerts sent to officers in the field, e.g. parking officers who can receive and Solve for reports faster, and on the go 
  • Being able to prioritise time sensitive reports after requesting additional information from Snappers, such as ‘is this graffiti offensive?’ 
  • Detailed data and insights are available to Enterprise authorities so they can identify hotspots in the community and implement prevention measures

Contact us if you have any questions.

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