We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our Snappers for making SNAPtember 2022 such a success. Together we sent over 85,000 Snaps, helping to spring clean communities all across Australia and New Zealand. We’d also like to shout out our amazing Solvers who have been working hard to respond to our Snaps, with over 80% of closed reports marked as Solved.

Congratulations to our SNAPtember winners

Week 1: Elisse B - Charity TBD

Week 2: Aileen K - Donating to Cancer Council Victoria 

Week 3: Robert E - Donating to Telethon Kids

Week 4: Anne H - Donating to NZ St John's Ambulance Service

Bonus Week: Brenton L - Charity TBD

All winners have been contacted via email.

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