Dumped Rubbish in Queensland

Report Dumped Rubbish in Queensland

What is dumped rubbish?

Dumped rubbish refers to any illegally dumped waste, this can include household waste, commercial waste, construction waste, and hazardous waste.

Why is dumped rubbish an issue in Queensland?

Dumped rubbish’s effect on Queensland’s environment is immense. With the Great Barrier Reef, Tewantin National Park, and the Gold Coast as areas of particular concern. Hotspots for dumped rubbish vary, but targets for illegal dumping often include parks, roadsides, bushland, and industrial areas.

Dumped rubbish can pose a risk to the environment and human health. Improperly disposed of waste can contaminate soil and water, attract pests, and create a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects.

Brisbane City Council estimates that $500,000 is spent annually on cleaning up illegal dumping, most of which is concentrated in bushland. Illegal dumping can also cause damage to infrastructure and property, and increase the burden on local councils to manage and dispose of the waste.

What are the penalties for illegally dumping rubbish in Queensland?

Repeat dumpers of illegal waste face high fines and legal action. For an individual, the fines for dumping rubbish in Queensland range from $575 to $143,750, depending on the severity of the offence.

What do I do if someone dumped rubbish on my property in Queensland?

If someone has dumped rubbish on your property in Queensland, it can be removed by contacting the local council or hiring a private waste removalist. To minimise its effect on the local environment, it is important to report illegal dumping quickly.

If someone has dumped rubbish on your property in Brisbane you can contact the Brisbane City Council to report the issue. The council will investigate and take the necessary action, which may include penalising the person responsible for the dumped waste.

The Brisbane City Council investigates and fines those who are caught illegally dumping. The council also regularly carries out clean-up operations in hotspots and problem areas.

How do I report dumped rubbish in Queensland?

To report dumped rubbish in Queensland, you can use the Snap Send Solve app, which allows you to easily report incidents of dumped rubbish, damage to public property, and other issues. You can also contact your local council or the Queensland Government’s Environmental Protection Agency via email or phone.

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