Report Dumped Rubbish New Zealand

Dumped Rubbish New Zealand

What is dumped rubbish?

Dumped rubbish refers to waste or litter that is illegally dumped or disposed of in an area. This type of waste can range from household items, to construction debris, and even hazardous chemical materials.

Why is dumped rubbish an issue in New Zealand?

Dumped rubbish isn’t just an eyesore, it can cause potentially serious environmental damage and be a hazard to human health. Removing dumped rubbish is expensive for local councils, especially in cases where dangerous materials leach into the soil and water.

Illegal dumping hotspots in New Zealand are along rural roads, out of sight of authorities, causing sustained environmental damage if unresolved.

What do I do if someone has dumped rubbish on my property in New Zealand?

If someone has dumped something on your property or in public, notify your local council as soon as possible. Individuals and businesses responsible for dumping may be fined and face criminal charges in some cases.

What are the penalties for illegally dumping rubbish in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the fine for illegal dumping is $400, while serious offenders can be prosecuted to a maximum penalty of up to $30,000.

How do I report dumped rubbish in New Zealand?

To report dumped rubbish in New Zealand, you can contact your local council or the Ministry for the Environment. Additionally, the Snap Send Solve app allows for easy reporting of dumped rubbish by providing a platform for individuals to take a photo and send it directly to the relevant authority for action.

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