Supporting Authority Pricing

Enterprise Features and Functionality

✓ API for system integration (Pathway, Civica, Merit, Salesforce etc)

✓ Triage Reports to other authorities

✓ Customise mandatory data fields

✓ Call recommended incidents

✓ After hours call only setting 

✓ Customise urgent contact message

✓ Customise authority profile

✓ Customise incident types

✓ Customise incident type routing 

✓ Access cloud based reports

✓ Access customer satisfaction data

✓ Customise customer satisfaction data policies per incident type

✓ Monthly dashboard reports

✓ Customise data handling policies

✓ Customise data sharing policies

✓ Customise report status notifications

✓ Supporter ‘Blue Tick’ identification

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Private Reporting Mode

A private reporting stream that cannot be accessed by the general public