Case Study


Greater Dandenong, Victoria

Most Popular Reports


Dumped rubbish


Illegal parking


Parking signs


Abandoned Cars



The challenge 

Council was looking for an easier way of lodging incidents for both residents and staff as an alternative to an integrated form on our website that was not mobile friendly and did not enable image attachments.

The solution

The Snap Send Solve platform works for all types of authorities, so it can be used across council boundaries without the necessity of going it alone to develop an app or enhancing our existing websites just to acquire details and photos – Snap Send Solve collect the necessary information and attachments plus accurate locations. The true value to Council is the API, which allows us to integrate and retrieve the raw data and eliminate manual and duplicate data entry. This alone  drives increased use and efficient processing for staff.

The outcome

We have been receiving Snap Send Solve incidents since 2013, with 7300 incidents being reported over the five years. 

Snap Send Solve  has enabled us to make our processes more efficient, especially with the API integration. 

We integrated Snap Send Solve with our Customer Request Management system  back in August 2017 to automatically create the incidents (requests) within council’s corporate application without manual entry.

This API integration is what has driven the adoption of Snap Send Solve within our organisation. Without it the app still gave us better location information and we could attach the photos from the emails, but we were still manually inputting incidents in our CRM.

Now our staff just open the Merit workbench and are presented with the Snap Send Solve incidents ready to be allocated. Shortly after an incident is submitted using Snap Send Solve the reporter will receive an automated email from our CRM advising them of Council’s reference number if they need to follow up on the incident.  This makes is easier for our staff to directly look up the incident when talking to a customer, where previously they would have to ask the customer for names, dates or emails of the incident and then search our system.Snap Send Solve captures the information we need, the ability to include photos more than makes up for the lack of narratives that may be included by the reporter.

With the API Integration to our CRM some of  Council’s business units include the app as part of their toolbox to carry out their daily functions. We have also found that contractors and businesses within our municipality have also started using Snap Send Solve to report incidents.

In addition, our customer service staff have seen a reduction in the number of calls coming through our call centres. It has also decreased the number of calls our staff need to make to clarify requests due to the detail captured automatically and through the attachment of photos.