Become a Supporting Authority

Snap Send Solve is a technology platform that simplifies the reporting of community issues in Australia and New Zealand.

Provide your Residents, Customers and Staff with an effective platform to report issues to you instantly. 


Drive increased customer satisfaction within your organisation.

One of the main advantages of the app is that it can be used in multiple local government authorities – it’s not specific to Noosa Council – so we can have visitors using it as well

– Noosa Council ICT Manager

With the API Integration to our CRM some of our Council’s business units include the app as part of their toolbox to carry out their daily functions

– Greater Dandenong Council, Information Systems and Projects Manager

The Snap Send Solve platform offers a complete solution to support data storage, transmission, integration and analysis so that it can meet the many needs of your organisation.

The platform includes:

Reporting iOS app

Reporting Android app

Reporting web application

Content management system

Integration API

Snap Send Solve has two simple goals:

1. Make it easy for users to report to any local authority, and;

2. Make it easy for local authorities to process those reports through their pre-existing systems.

The Snap Send Solve platform is configurable and able to be integrated with existing systems.


It gives Authorities the tools and options to communicate back to the user at a fraction of the price of developing a bespoke app reporting system.

The service allows for multiple authorities that work within the public sphere, such as local governments, utilities, and transport authorities, to co-exist within the same geographic boundary.

Private areas, such as universities, airports, and other asset based organisations can also utilise the service by existing exclusively within their geographic area of management. This means that a wide range of incidents and authorities can all be reported on via the same app and process.