Australian's love their wines and their vines.


But there’s a pesky bug called Phylloxera that can kill grapevines. To keep this bug at bay our wine growers need your help to find all the Amenity Vines in the Mornington Peninsula. Amenity Vines are those used for decoration and are typically found in households or public places.

Get reporting now for your chance to win a weekly prize draw of a double pass to Village Cinemas worth $100.


To enter the draw simply*:

Locate an Amenity Vine in the Mornington Peninsula.

Send a Snap Send Solve report of the vine using the incident type 'Amenity Vine'

Post your Amenity Vine report to Facebook and tag @SnapSendSolve

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What is an Amenity Vine?


Amenity vines are generally located in households or in public places where they are used for decorative purposes such as outside cafes, in recreational parks and gardens, or on public buildings, community halls, bus stops, train stations, transport depots, caravan parks and motels.

What is Agriculture Victoria looking to eliminate?
Why is Agriculture Victoria Undertaking this program?

As part of the ‘Tackling Phylloxera’ commercial vineyard survey program, Agriculture Victoria is surveying amenity vines in the Mornington Peninsula region to check for the presence of phylloxera.


Amenity vine surveys fulfill an important segment of the grapevine survey strategy being implemented in the area to prove that the region is free of phylloxera.


The Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Association (MPVA) has made available for general use the free ‘Snap, Send, Solve’ app to locate these amenity vines in the region.


If you think you know where an amenity grapevine is located, you can use the ‘Snap, Send, Solve’ app on your smartphone to take a photo of the amenity grapevine, which will be sent to Agriculture Victoria for inclusion in its surveillance project.


Agriculture Victoria may then undertake an inspection of the vine to confirm whether it is free of phylloxera.