Snap Away Your Winter Woes

Whether you’re in frosty Christchurch, rainy Melbourne, or breezy Brisbane — changes in weather can change the kind of issues in our communities.

Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the weather, but if you have to brave it, make it worthwhile when snapping issues when you’re out and about. Because while the problems change, the feeling of keeping your streets safe and your community clean doesn’t.

Here’s a few things Snappers keep an eye out for during winter:

  • Blocked storm water drains

With increased rainfall common in winter, stormwater drains are more likely to be overwhelmed. Dumped rubbish and green waste can collect in or around these drains, particularly on larger pieces of furniture or even abandoned trolleys. Lower the risk of flooding by making sure these stay clear!

  • Dumped Rubbish

When the weather turns sour, it can be hard to justify that hike. But for illegal dumpers it provides an opportunity. Taking rubbish out of sight, where they’re less likely to be caught in the act. The longer dumped rubbish is left, the more damage it does to the environment.

Remember to check on your nature reserves and parks this winter!

  • Overgrown Vegetation

Broken branches and slippery leaves can be a common occurrence in winter, and pose a serious safety and accessibility risk. Watch your step and Snap any dangerous overgrown vegetation, and keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

  • Potholes

Potholes are caused by normal road wear and tear, but did you know there is another way they can occur? Water seeps into the road, expanding into ice when the temperature lowers, and damages the road. Snap to keep roads safe this Winter.

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for, you can get out there and Snap until the summer!