Introducing Our Biggest Release Yet.

Say hello to our most frequently requested features: send Nudgescancel and close reports and send more detailed feedback to Solvers.

Need more info? Just send a Nudge. 

After two weeks, if you have not yet heard from the Solver responsible for your report, request a follow-up with a Nudge. 

One Nudge per report will notify the Solver that you are requesting more information regarding your report.

Cancel Reports

Sent a report after the issue was fixed? Accidentally attached the wrong photo?

You can now cancel reports that you have submitted via the app. 

Cancelling a report will send a notification to the assigned Solver to let them know that your reported issue no longer requires their attention.

Close Solved or Unsolved Reports

You asked, we listened. You can now close reports and provide constructive feedback to the Solver.

Closing a report will move it from the ‘Active’ to the ‘Closed’ section of your report history. Closing as Solved means that the issue has been fixed.

Solver Feedback

Thank your local crew for excellent service or let Solvers know where you’d like to see improvement.

Share your thoughts with our new feature that lets you rate Communication, Speed to Solve and your Satisfaction with the Solve. 

We’ll send your ratings and any comments through to the responsible organisation so they can track their efforts. 

You can also include a pic of the Solve so we can give you and the responsible Solver a shoutout! 

Access the new features in our latest app version by tapping ‘update’ or ‘open’ in the Play Store or App Store. 
These features are available on version 10.0.0 and above

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