It’s now easier to set your incident location

📍Location, Location, Location 

Providing authorities with the most accurate location of your incident ensures they can fix your issues as quickly as possible.

That’s why we’ve made it easier to set your incident location when reporting in the app.

Did you know that there are four ways to share the location of the issue with Solvers? 

1. Current location – When you’re Snapping on the spot we will automatically pick up your location. Be sure to check the pin is in the right place before continuing.

2. Use location of photo – If you are reporting from somewhere other than the location of the issue, you can use the location data tied to an image of the incident. Simply open the app, tap ‘Snap’, select ‘Use photo location’ on the map screen, then ‘Select from library.’ This will automatically load the address linked to your photo.

3. Drop a Pin – Drag and drop the pin in the location of the issue.

4. Search Bar – Type an address into the search bar.