Snap Send Solve Top Tips

Watch our how-to guides to help you make the most of Snap Send Solve.

How to submit a Snap Send Solve report 

 The steps to submit a Snap Send Solve report are:

1. Confirm your location

2. Select the incident type

3. Take a photo 

4. Fill out any notes or additional fields

5. Send report 

How to change the location of an issue in my report

If you want to Snap on the go and submit your report from home or change the location of your report, learn how to change the location of an issue you are reporting. 

How to navigate the Snap Send Solve app

We’ve made some changes to the Snap Send Solve. Take a tour of our new homepage. 

How to leave feedback for a previous report 

You can provide feedback to authorities on whether an issue has been resolved and your satisfaction with the resolution. Feedback is available 2 weeks after a report is lodged and remains open for 30 days.