Glen Eira City Council takes a technology-first approach to resident requests

Glen Eira City Council is guided by values of community focus and responsiveness. With a population of more than 150,000 people, living these values is no small feat.

Receiving over 1,200 calls a day, it was challenging for Glen Eira’s customer service team to respond in a timely way and maintain its reputation for strong customer experience. Realising the limitations of traditional channels, Glen Eira looked for a solution that could deliver resident satisfaction at scale. 

Working with Snap Send Solve, Glen Eira was able to achieve “monumental” improvements in efficiency and resident satisfaction.

Glen Eira City Council’s digital journey

At Glen Eira City Council, customer service is key. Council believes that residents deserve great service and, through its Service Charter, commits itself to maintaining the highest possible service standards. 

To build on its commitment, Glen Eira launched the Glen Eira Transforming Together initiative and began increasing adoption of online tools to receive and triage resident requests. The program’s deep understanding of resident needs, and subsequent success, won Glen Eira the CX Management award at the Australian Business Awards in 2019.

Still, phone calls remained the main way residents connected with their council. In Customer Experience Transformation Coordinator, Kiran Nagra’s words, call volumes had a “major effect on customer experience as customers were not able to [reach] a council representative in a timely manner.” 

“Snap Send Solve helps Glen Eira to seamlessly manage resident requests and maintain its high standard of customer service. Our residents love its ease of use and it means we have greater visibility of where issues are occurring in real time, so we can resolve them faster.”

Kellie Vise, Chief Transformation Officer

Why Glen Eira City Council chose Snap Send Solve

Glen Eira City Council started looking for a user-friendly solution to manage customer requests. The customer service team was familiar with Snap Send Solve’s community reporting tool as some residents had been using it to lodge reports about issues such as dumped rubbish and overgrown vegetation. With “only positive feedback” from residents, Glen Eira decided to join Snap Send Solve as an Enterprise customer to take advantage of customisations and API integration.

A major reason Glen Eira chose Snap Send Solve was its low friction onboarding process. It was “extremely easy” and the product “didn’t require too many resources” to get started.

A win for residents, a win for council

Before long, an increasing number of residents were choosing to lodge requests using Snap Send Solve. A case in point was getting one particular resident onto Snap Send Solve. The resident had taken to sending 20 requests in a single email, which meant the customer service team had to spend 45 minutes or more entering each request into their CRM. Getting the customer to use Snap Send Solve was a “lifesaver” and allowed the team to focus on more high-impact work. 

Snap Send Solve also worked with Glen Eira to integrate the reports directly into their CRM, Infor Pathway. Reports lodged by residents automatically entered Glen Eira’s systems making reports “a lot easier to deal with [than] standard email.” The integration means the geolocation, photos and customer details captured in a Snap Send Solve report are directly entered into Pathway without any intervention from staff. Not only did the integration save Glen Eira’s customer service team hours of manual work, but it has also “definitely improved customers’ view of Council.”

A further time saving came from Snap Send Solve unique product, which sends reports to the responsible authority depending on incident type. Council no longer had to wrangle abandoned trolley reports meant for retailers or water issues meant for water authorities as reports lodged on Snap Send Solve were automatically sent to the right authority. 

All up, Glen Eira estimates that using Snap Send Solve has more than halved time spent processing reports. As well as time savings, Kellie Vise, Chief Transformation Officer, believes the true impact of Snap Send Solve has been in allowing the City of Glen Eira “to seamlessly manage resident requests and maintain its high standard of customer service. Our residents love its ease of use and it means we have greater visibility of where issues are occurring in real time, so we can resolve them faster.”

A vote of confidence

By adopting Snap Send Solve, Glen Eira City Council has met its residents on a platform they love to use while making gains in efficiency and customer service. Reflecting on Snap Send Solve’s impact, Kiran’s view is that he can “confidently say that receiving a Snap Send Solve request…[is] a breather compared to…a standard email.”

Glen Eira City Council intends to keep evolving with its customers and use Snap Send Solve as a key part of its toolkit. Kiran again, “We are all customers and we all expect the best and Snap Send Solve is…one of the best ways to meet customer expectations in today’s world.” 

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