Why should you use Snap Send Solve?

Did you know that 74% of people notice issues in their community, but only 31% had ever reported everything to the council? 

Do you know why? Because traditional communication channels can be slow. In 2021 consumers don’t want to sit on hold on the phone, visit a customer service desk, or even fill in a long webform.

But, 67% of people WOULD report a problem in their community if there was an easy tool to use, and that’s why we built Snap Send Solve.

Snap Send Solve is a very convenient way to report local issues to the responsible authority. And because Snap Send Solve is an easy-to-use app, the power to make your community a better place is really in the palm of your hand!

So why use Snap Send Solve?

Report to the right Authority or Local Council

Working out who is responsible for a problem in the community is hard. But Snap Send Solve makes it easy!*

For example, you may be unsure of whether the blocked drain is a Council issue or whether the report should be sent through to the local water authority.

Simply confirm your location and choose an incident type (such as graffiti) and the app will send it to the correct authority.

Let Snap Send Solve take the guesswork out of who’s responsible for issues in your community. 

Fast and Convenient

Snap Send Solve is a native iPhone or Android app that is already on your smartphone. 

That means when you see an issue, there’s no need to Google for websites, and fill out complex multi-page web forms to submit an issue.

You can also report from the comfort of your home or office with Snap Send Solve. Check out our recent article Reporting from home with Snap Send Solve

Accurate and Complete Data

Reports sent using Snap Send Solve contain data for councils to respond including:

  • Geolocation of the incident
  • Your name and email address
  • Incident type
  • Notes
  • Image

The report is sent as an email to the publicly available email address that means the authority or Local Council can respond to you as they would have with any other email they receive. You’ll also receive a confirmation email confirming who the report has been sent to.


We have built Snap Send Solve with accessibility in mind. So, if you use iOS or Android with accessibility features you’ll be able to send a Snap Send Solve report.

*Occasionally, a report may be directed to the incorrect authority. Snap Send Solve has introduced a Triage functionality for Supporting authorities, meaning they can redirect your report to the right people in just a few taps. 

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