What Happens After You Send a Snap Send Solve Report?

So you have spotted an issue in the local area, you take a photo and report it via the Snap Send Solve app. In just 30 seconds you have helped make your community a better place. 

But what happens next? Where does your report go? What do local authorities do with your report when they receive it? Let’s find out! 

How does Snap Send Solve know where to send my report?

Figuring out who is responsible for resolving issues in the community can be a complicated task. Luckily, Snap Send Solve has got you covered. We have created a formula for identifying the responsible authority for issues across Australia and New Zealand:

Geolocation + Incident Type = Responsible Authority 

For example, if a person is in Caringbah and selects the Incident Type: Dumped Rubbish, the report would be sent to Sutherland Shire Council. This formula is used to send reports to water authorities, power companies, telcos and a variety of other authorities.

It is important to ensure that you select the correct Incident Type as this will determine which authority your report is sent to, and will ensure that your report ends up with the responsible authority. 

How long does it take for my report to reach the correct authority? 

Snap Send Solve reports are sent to the responsible authority instantly. 

What if my report is sent to the wrong authority?  

It is rare for a report to be sent through to the incorrect authority, especially if the correct Incident Type is selected when making a report. However, occasionally a report may need to be handled by an alternate authority. 

This is why Snap Send Solve introduced the Triage Feature. Supporting authorities (that are utilising the enterprise version of the platform) have access to a feature that allows them to easily reassign reports to another authority in just a few clicks. Authorities that are not signed to the enterprise version of the platform will have their own systems in place for reassigning these reports. 

How are my reports sent? 

Snap Send Solve reports are sent by emails and API Integration. Authorities who receive reports via email will often have a specific folder set up for Snap Send Solve reports, alternatively reports will be sent to the standard customer service email address. 

Authorities that receive reports via API will have reports directly integrated into their system. This feature is only available to Supporting authorities. 

Snap Send Solve has sent over 1,250,000 reports and counting! 

How do reports end up in authority systems and workflows? 

Authorities who receive Snap Send Solve reports via email will often manually import the data from reports into their systems. The report will then be directed to the relevant team who work in the field to resolve issues. 

Authorities who have reports integrated into their systems will often set up pathways so that the report is automatically sent to the relevant team. This method takes little to no manual data entry, decreasing cost to serve and relieving pressure from customer service teams. 

Will I receive follow up on my report? 

A great place to start if you are looking for information on the status of your report is in the ‘History’ tab in the app. Here you will receive updates such as if your report has been viewed.

Each authority has a different process for acknowledging information received so if you are still in doubt of the status of your report, we suggest contacting the authority directly and quoting your Snap Send Solve report number.

How do I provide feedback on the resolution of my report? 

Snap Send Solve allows you to provide authorities feedback on whether an issue has been resolved and how satisfied you were with the result. 

This feedback gives authorities insight into the satisfaction of residents and areas that could be improved. Each time you rate a report you are contributing to a better understanding of how local authorities can work to make your community safer, cleaner and smarter. 

Giving your feedback is easy! You will be notified when a report is ready to be rated, once notified simply open the ‘History’ tab in the app and select ‘Rate Now’ to view your reports that are currently ready for review.