The four reasons Snap Send Solve created Report Reviews

Recently we introduced new functionality allowing our users (or Snappers, as we like to call them), to rate the resolution of their Snap Send Solve reports.

This was an important decision for us for a number of reasons, the biggest of those is closely entwined with our name. Snap Send Solve provides an industry leading experience for the Snapping and Sending of a service request however the Solving remains the responsibility of the authority that we send a report to.

This means we sometimes lose track of the end-to-end performance of the Snap Send Solve process. By allowing Snappers to provide feedback on the ‘Solve’ we complete the view for our business. Of course, it’s not just us that benefits from this feedback loop, the authorities that receive the rating benefits also and here’s why.

With Snap Send Solve ratings, the four reasons your authority is better off are;

  • Know your Customer 
  • Credibility and Social Proof 
  • Providing the voice customers want (demand)
  • Snappers provide the good news story for you

Ratings have become a modern staple in customer service, evidenced by the many leading businesses such as Uber Eats, Air BnB and Trip Advisor that ask for feedback after users complete a transaction. 

Andrew Busby writing for Forbes magazine said it brilliantly;  “You see, we’re not just consumers, we’re connected consumers and we are not as tolerant as we used to be. Our expectations and demands are far greater than ever before and we have a voice. That smartphone in our pockets and the social media apps we carry around with us have turned us all into broadcasters.” 

Not giving your customer a voice because of the uncertainty in how to deal with possible negative feedback is more detrimental to your organization’s credibility than not listening at all.

Listening to your customers is the most essential part of becoming a customer-centric organisation. If a resident invests the energy to send you a photo and details of an issue that you are responsible for, then understanding the expectations and experience of that customer gives you the opportunity to understand your customer service, and if necessary make changes to improve it.

Consumers now demand to be heard. Successful leaders in Customer Service know this ‘voice of customer’ is one of the most important data points you have access to when assessing your organisations performance.

Aiming to increase your Snap Send Solve Customer Satisfaction score gives your authority genuine credibility. Improvements in the rating score over time, provide proof to residents that issues are being actioned. A great Customer Satisfaction score can provide a good news story for your authority.

We are always excited when new features go live, however this feature is very impactful. The rich data our ratings feature provides creates significant impact for authorities that take advantage of it, and we are excited to see the effect it has in contributing to better and safer communities.