Identifying tyre stockpiles assists in the reduction of landfill

Tyre Stewardship Australia has turned to technology to assist in the identification of tyre stockpiles and illegal dumping, in an effort to reduce the amount of end-of-life tyres damaging the environment through landfill, illegal dumping or undesirable export.

With just 10 percent of the almost 56 million tyres discarded annually in Australia being recycled, more than 50 million tyres remain and are either exported overseas or disposed to landfill, stockpiled, illegally dumped or exported overseas every year.

The Snap Send Solve app provides everyone in Australia with the ability to quickly and easily report incidents of illegally dumped tyres and stockpiles using their smartphone. Reports are automatically sent to the relevant authority, as well as to Tyre Stewardship Australia for the monitoring of hotspots and creation of viable markets for the end-of-life tyres.

CEO of Tyre Stewardship Australia, Lina Goodman:

“Understanding how we can work together to ‘stop the stockpile’ that is generated by illegal operators is the first step in finding sustainable outcomes for the ever increasing number of used tyres in Australia.

“If you see some dumped waste tyres or what you suspect is a stockpile, simply snap a photo and send a report using the app. The appropriate authority can then be alerted and the ‘waste’ recycled for a new purpose.

There is a wide range of usages for end-of-life tyres and tyre-derived products, such as road surfacing, soft fall playground surfacing, brake pads, industry and commercial flooring, civil engineering, or as fuels for energy recovery.

CEO and Founder of Snap Send Solve, Danny Gorog:

“We care deeply about the environment. Having the opportunity to work together with Tyre Stewardship Australia and local councils to bring a solution that benefits the local community as much as the environment in general, is at the heart of what we do.”

With the app being downloaded more than half a million times in Australia, Snap Send Solve is the easy and efficient way to notify local councils and authorities of issues that need addressing in your community.. Whether that be to identify illegal dumping of waste or for the reporting of public infrastructure concerns, private infrastructure management, or even sick or injured native wildlife, Snap Send Solve is a quick and easy way to report issues so that the right authority is notified.

The move by Tyre Stewardship Australia follows the successful implementation of Snap Send Solve in a number of authorities from Councils, to Utilities, Universities, and more recently by Agriculture Victoria and Wildlife Victoria.

The app uses GPS to identify the location of dumped or stockpiled tyres, and is geo-fenced to ensure the correct Council and Tyre Stewardship Australia are notified quickly and easily.

To create a report:

1. Open the Snap Send Solve app

2. Snap a photo

3. Confirm the location (the app will automatically locate the area using GPS)

4. Confirm the incident type – select rubbish & bins, choose dumped tyres

5. Press send