App designed to protect wine industry against biosecurity threat

Snap Send Solve CEO and Morninington Peninsula Vignerons Association.
Snap Send Solve CEO, Danny Gorog and Tyson Lewis from the Morninington Peninsula Vignerons Association.

Peninsula Vignerons Association (MVPA) and Agriculture Victoria has announced that they will use the Snap Send Solve platform to locate amenity vines in the Mornington Peninsula, in an effort to help protect the region’s valuable wine industry from biosecurity threats.

A threat is phylloxera, an insect that can devastate a commercial grapevine and is transferable between vines. This transfer occurs not only amongst commercial vines but just as easily from Amenity vines – vines generally located in households or public places for decorative purposes. One of the difficult elements of surveying these Amenity vines is discovering their location.

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